Allt Y Coed :: Contact
Camp Site in Poppit Sands, Cardigan, West Wales

A warm welcome from Alltycoed Campsite, Pembrokeshire

Hi Helen and Barry here, welcome.

Alltycoed 18 ft yurt in the foreground

‘Our’ little farm and camping site is privileged enough to be located right on the starting section of the Pembrokeshire National Coast Path Walk, with our farm entrance being ‘Gate Number 1!’ with gate 2 on our farms doorstep.

We overlook the mouth of the river Teifi estuary as it meets the Irish Sea in Cardigan Bay. Our camp site also looks out towards Cardigan Island and the Cliff Hotel. The distinctive peak of Mwnt beach is visible just beyond - its a beautiful place that we want to share with you beit walkers coming through or campers that decide to stay.

View from alltycoed driveway

Our fully licensed camping area is situated just behind the farmhouse and outbuildings, with our frontal view looking out towards the rising sun in the morning. The coast path itself goes through our front garden and up onto the nature reserve on Cameas headland.

We would like to extend a welcome to any of you campers, from the single traveller who wants a one night stay to families or groups of friends wanting to stay a week or so.

Parking is also available for people wishing to walk the local circular paths in Cippyn (we are cheaper than parking in the beach car park at Poppit and closer to the headland views) or if you plan to walk longer distances you can also park your car overnight in the curtilage of the farmhouse for as long as your trip lasts . see parking details

We are open all year round for camping however space is limited in winter and early spring as the fields that are closer to home become ‘food’ for our flock and in early spring are mostly covered in bouncing baby lambies who enjoy being nice and safe down near the house. For those who wish to see our new born lambs the best only time is March and April - eg Over the Easter holidays

Please take a look at our Camping Prices or Yurt Prices for more information.
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